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 Real Estate

Odoo facilitates the sale of residential and commercial properties on a website, calculates sales commissions, generates installment invoices, and commission worksheets for brokers. It provides a dynamic installment setup, generates a quotation sales document, and allows users to view property locations on Google Maps.


The project manager can create construction projects and manage projects with different or orders / Issues / Notes etc... Using the project as a Construction Project we are using all project management features which will give strong management of the Construction business.

 Cutting Manufacturing

helps manufacturers schedule, plan, and process manufacturing orders. With the work center control panel, put tablets on the shop floor to control work orders in real time and allow workers to trigger maintenance operations, feedback loops, quality issues, etc.

HR Academy

The HR module simplifies employee record-keeping by tracking hire, start, and termination dates and automatically calculating service length and benefits. Focus on growing your business with streamlined HR processes.


Our modules allow you to build a system that can manage all aspects of school or college life, from new student admissions to end-of-year exams and assessments.

Medical Services

Our modules simplify hospital and clinic management. Manage patients, doctors, appointments, prescriptions, hospitalizations, lab tests, medications, and more. Generate detailed reports for patient information.

Marble Factories

Our system simplifies product data management by providing a one-stop solution. You can automate procurements with made-to-order and minimum stock rules. Our platform offers multiple planning formats, including Gantt Chart, List View, Calendar View, Pivotal View, and Graph View, for efficient work order scheduling.

Retail & Restaurant

Efficient restaurant management is crucial. The Restaurant Management System eliminates potential hassles and ensures best business standards. Real-time control and accurate forecasts help manage procurements. The Odoo Inventory app records all POS transactions in real-time. It's compatible with Odoo eCommerce for easy multi-channel stock management.

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