Education Management Solutions with Odoo ERP

 we understand the complexities and demands of managing educational institutions. Our comprehensive education management solution integrated with Odoo ERP is designed to streamline your operations, enhance the learning experience, and improve administrative efficiency. Whether you are managing a school, college, or training center, our solution provides the tools you need to succeed.


Quizzes, Assignments, and Exams with Result Tracking

Effortlessly manage the entire assessment process with our integrated quizzes, assignments, and exams module. Create and distribute quizzes and assignments to students, schedule exams, and track results in real-time. Our system ensures accurate and timely feedback, helping students stay on track and achieve their academic goals.

Student Dashboard for Profiles, Courses, and Assignments

Provide students with a user-friendly dashboard where they can access their profiles, enrolled courses, and assignments. The dashboard offers a centralized view of all their academic activities, making it easy for students to stay organized and informed about their progress. Notifications and reminders help students stay on top of deadlines and important dates.


Backend Access for Teachers to Grade Assignments

Teachers can efficiently manage and grade assignments through the backend system. Our solution allows teachers to view submitted assignments, provide feedback, and record grades seamlessly. This streamlined process saves time and ensures consistency in grading, enhancing the overall academic experience.

Flexible Diploma Payment Plans Managed in Odoo

Offer flexible payment plans for diploma programs, making education more accessible to students. Our system allows for the creation of customized payment schedules, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually. Manage payments, track outstanding balances, and generate invoices with ease. The integrated financial module ensures accurate and transparent financial management.

Why Choose Oit Solutions?

  1. Tailored Solutions for Education: Our expertise in the educational sector ensures that our solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of schools, colleges, and training centers.
  2. Seamless Integration: Our Odoo ERP solution integrates smoothly with your existing systems, providing a unified platform for managing all educational activities.
  3. Enhanced Learning Experience: By streamlining administrative tasks and providing robust tools for managing academic activities, we help create an enriched learning environment for students and educators alike.
  4. Reliable Support and Training: We offer comprehensive training and support to ensure that your institution maximizes the benefits of our Odoo ERP solution.


Transform your educational institution with OIT Solutions Odoo ERP solution. Contact us today to discover how we can help you enhance your educational operations and provide a superior learning experience for your students.