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odoo is a one-stop system that has all you'll ever need.

Schedules all over the place

Using a smart system, odoo syncs schedules across your messages, email, and calendars.

Not enough time for things that matter

With odoo Optimize productivity by managing time efficiently.

OIT Solutions

At OIT Solutions, our goal is to create a comprehensive program that caters to all industries and activities. To achieve this, we have a team of certified Odoo consultants and skilled engineers who help us meet our customers' requirements. We offer a secure and efficient option to carry out their work and projects professionally and quickly. We ensure continuous follow-up to help our clients achieve their desired results. Our focus is on implementing our mission to provide the ideal solution to our clients.

Make Automation Work For You.

All-in-one solution. Odoo allows you to manage numerous business processes and marketing activities, create websites, analyze key performance indicators, manage stuff and improve interaction between divisions. And all this is available in a single convenient environment.

Why Odoo?

Odoo ERP software will help you plan, strategies, and run marketing campaigns with many rewarding features. Get instant solutions with it for Lead Automation, Conducting customer surveys, Email marketing, Community Development, and Demand Forecasting.

You can create custom Odoo-based systems designed to meet the needs of different businesses. From the powerful manufacturer of daily consumer goods to the IT company or passenger carrier - Odoo will be a great solution for any business.

User-friendly experience.  Odoo combines its extensive capabilities with ease of use ad it's easy to teach your employees how to use Odoo.

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We help businesses transform their customer experiences to increase trust, efficiency, satisfaction, and loyalty.


Make a plan that describes the business' goals,  marketing objectives, and financial projections.


Having proper time management will help businesses  stay focused on their priorities.


When you achieve a set goal, you are successful.

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