HR Academy

HR Management with Odoo ERP

At OIT Solutions, we provide a holistic approach to HR management through our advanced ERP systems powered by Odoo. Our solutions cover all aspects of HR operations, ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Why Choose Odoo ERP for HR?

Integrated Solution

Seamlessly connect HR functions with other business operations.


Write what the customer would like to know,
not what you want to show.


Reduce manual tasks with automated workflows.


Adapt and grow with a scalable ERP solution.

User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. .

Our HR Solutions 

HR Features Include:

Recruitment Management: Efficiently manage job postings, applications, and candidate evaluations.

Employee Profile & Job Structure Management: Maintain detailed employee profiles and manage organizational structures.

Employee Reminders & Transfers: Automate reminders for important tasks and facilitate seamless employee transfers between departments.

Personal Service Requests: Simplify leave requests and salary advance applications.

HR Dashboard: Centralized dashboard for managing employee shifts, reminders, and announcements.

Attendance Integration: Automatic synchronization with attendance machines for accurate time tracking.

Plans, Strategies, and Values: Align HR activities with organizational goals and values.


Administrative Efficiency:

Resignation and End of Service Management: Streamline resignation processes and manage end-of-service tasks.

Leave Management: Efficiently handle all types of employee leave.

Recognition and Memos: Facilitate employee recognition and manage internal communications.

Entry and Exit Checklists: Ensure smooth onboarding and offboarding processes.

Document Management: Organize and automate HR documents, including leave request messages.

Financial and Compliance Management:

Contracts & Income Tax: Manage employee contracts and handle income tax calculations.

Salary Advances and Loan Management: Administer salary advances and employee loans.

Employee Insurance: Manage employee insurance policies and benefits.

Payroll Automation: Enter payroll items via Excel uploads for easy processing.

Overtime Calculation: Automatically calculate overtime based on predefined rules.

Attendance and Punctuality: Track and account for late arrivals, early departures, and absenteeism with customizable rules.